Dieter Räder

DieterDieter Räder has been binding books for the past 40 years. He started by serving a full apprenticeship in Germany, followed by a year teaching then employment as a bookbinder in Marseilles and Vienna. Arriving in the UK for a holiday in 1983, he decided to stay and worked in London for two years under the guidance of Robert Green, specialising in the restoration of antiquarian books and fine bindings. In the early 1990s he opened his own bindery in Somerset which he ran for over eighteen years. After a move back to London, Dieter was engaged in establishing and managing the new fine binding and restoration department of a commercial bindery in west London. Deciding to return to self-employment in the Wiltshire countryside in 2017, he opened Dragon Press Bindery Ltd, where he also hosts Book Camp and local workshops. Dieter’s clients for bookbinding and book restoration projects range from private collectors, booksellers and film producers (for props) to major university libraries, museums and the Royal Collection. He frequently teaches masterclasses and demonstrates at Society of Bookbinders educational and training seminars.


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